Executive Forum 2015

The 6th Professional Learning Executive Forum will be held for the first time at the trendy and futuristic location at the River Rhine in Bonn, the Hotel Kameha Grand. What better place could there be for lively discussions, productive conversations and new perspectives on topics that determine our future? One of these topics is certainly the issue of how we are going to learn and work in the future and what learning and corporate learning will mean and become in the years to come. The future workplace demands the optimization and continuous adaption of knowledge work which requires fast, dynamic, collaborative and self-organized learning.
The location is therefore the ideal setting for the Executive Forum, which is especially designed for all C-Level Executives in HR, Education, Finances, IT, Governance and related functions of European Corporations, Organizations and Institutions. It provides an opportunity to exchange experiences, ideas and thoughts among peers and to reflect, think and discuss in open space formats like Fishbowl and World Café Rounds.
Impulses are given every year by top-class experts in the fields of corporate and social learning for the future workplace, as such as Dr. Frank Schirrmacher (2010), Jens Hilgers (2011) Prof. Sugata Mitra (2012), Prof. Dr. Boris Nemsic (2013) and Dr. Peter Howes (2014).

In 2015 we will focus on the two major trends of the last years in corporate learning:

Functional Academies:
  Transforming the global learning organization in terms of vision, governance, technology, processes and operating models
Creation of functional academies for critical workforces (e.g. Finance, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain, IT), governed not primarily by HR, but by the function itself.

Both trends have to be seen in conjunction and are fueled by the challenges around digitalization, informal learning, analytics, sustainability and multi-generational workforces. The work of a Functional Academy is tailored to the specific needs of the respective area of ​​responsibilities. The aim is the optimal functioning of the unit or department with the following requirements:
  • Understanding the organizational relationship between the functional areas and the role of Functional Managers as support for the Management
  • The development of skills assessment, analysis and recommendations of solutions for Cross-functional topics
  • The gain perspective on the relationships with supervisors, employees and customers

The Intro keynote 2015 will be held by Dr. Michael Frey, Head of Commercial Excellence at Evonik Industries. He will describe the setup and role of capability building as main pillar of Evonik commercial excellence initiative.

Afterwards we will analyse experiences and discuss success factors of the transformation and operation of functional academies. We will have keynotes from Learning Executives as well as from Executives of the Business Functions, who own their respective Academy.
This day of exchange culminates in the festive award ceremony of the Young Leonardo European Corporate Learning Award www.leonardo-award.eu and offers all participants insights into the promising fields of learning in companies and an additional possibility to strengthen previously forged relationships.

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