Executive Forum

The Professional Learning Executive Forum is especially designed for Executives in HR, education and related functions of European corporations. It is an exclusive and prestigious by-invitation-only-event with a limited number of selected participants.

Learning Analytics and Passion for Learning were the mottos of the 5th Executive Forum on October 13, 2014 at Grandhotel Petersberg near Bonn.

The Executive Forum combined an introductory presentation with interactive formats by Dr. Peter Howes, Vice President at SuccessFactors.
Learning Analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, in order to understand and optimize learning and its environment. Today learning and education measurement like once defined by Kirkpatrick`s 4 level model is not sufficient anymore.
It is not only about descriptive analytics (the “what” which provides as a “rearview mirror” the relevant foundations and insights), but about predictive analytics (the ‘so what’ and ‘now what’) which is future oriented and a source for competitive advantage.

Focuses are questions around “why is this happening”, “what, if….”, “where to invest” and “what is the best that can happen”.
Typical questions are:
• What is the impact of training on business performance?
• What is the optimal level of training?
• Where can we reduce risks or improve compliance by training?
• How does learning impact retention, talent development and employee engagement?

We need to use “big data” available from learners in combination with data sources from finance, sales and HR. Social and informal learning needs to be considered as well as modern methods like dashboards to measure the real value of learning and education as well as to predict KPIs like skills shortages, talent development or compliance issues.

In a topic focus speech, Howes shared his practical experience with implementing predictive learning analytics. Afterwards international thought leaders will present and discuss in open formats new aspects in the field of learning and education.

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